University of Essex students have expressed their opinions on campus security after negative experiences on various club nights run by the Student Union.

A debate was initiated when Jack Pittman (a second-year student) posted in the University affiliated 2017-18 “Freshers” page appealing for others to share their stories of “the security guards on campus/Sub Zero/Base” acting inappropriately or unjustly towards members of the university at club nights on campus.

When asked, university students more often than not, had a negative experience with security ranging from getting ejected from a club/event for reasons that were not justifiable. Most commonly being thrown out for being “falsely accused of drug taking” or being “excessively drunk”. A member of the St Johns Ambulance first aid team commented that although the security provided them with students that needed medical attention on most popular club nights, they were also “slightly corrupt”. They have allegedly been seen to eject people from sold out events in order to “sell more tickets on the door”. This statement was concurred by multiple students that felt they had been a victim of this and many of them were quick to offer specific examples.


However, many people shared positive experiences regarding the campus security. One third year student stated that “campus security have been nothing but helpful to me and my friends, especially at events hosted in Sub Zero and Base”, “there have been a couple of instances where security have managed to get club-goers the medical attention that they need. In some cases students have been in seriously unhealthy conditions”.

The Information Centre, when asked to comment on the alleged misconduct of the campus security, said that the security is in fact dealt with by a private security firm, hired by the University. They went on to express that the University has little control over how the hired security guards conduct themselves.

The Student Advice centre when asked about the volume of complaints received about security, declined to comment.


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