In a recent survey conducted at the University of Essex Colchester, results showed that most students did not know where to find live music in the area. This included knowledge of both venues and local performers. One student aims to change this. 

University of Essex student, Tom Grovestock has set up ‘The Matchstick Project’, an organisation dedicated to raising awareness amongst musicians and music fans local to Colchester. The project, in conjunction with the weekly companion radio show ‘Discovering Essex’ has organised and carried out many live music events. These include a recurring live lounge-esque broadcast, showcasing up and coming talent in the area and open nights at various venues in town.

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Grovestock describes the project as helping “people make music. Through gigs, hugs, music videos, beer, documentaries, mic stands and fashion advise”.

Through his connections with various University subject departments, Grovestock has already begun to film and produce amateur music videos for the artists that are involved with the project. These include ideas ranging from night time live music sets by the campus lakes to more complex artistic endeavours such as filming live sets with the use of a remote-controlled drones.

The two events the project has organised and carried out have been held at Queen Street Brewhouse, a popular pub in Colchester renowned for it’s unique and vibrant atmosphere and popular music orientated theme. Both events were met with great success, hosting a selection of local artists such as singer-songwriter Jane W Tomsett and world music band Omar.

Future Matchstick Project plans ensure that 2018 will be a busy year for Grovestock and co. The most recent announcement being “Food for Sound”, described by Tom as a form of documentary where he “will come with musical and camera humans” and will “cook for you and play music together”, promising to “film everything and make pretty videos”.

To keep up with the latest news and events regarding the Matchstick project, follow the organisation on Facebook . ‘Discovering Essex’ is broadcasted every Wednesday 3-4pm on Rebel Radio .


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